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Why Cockroach Control Is Important for Your Health | True Blue Termite and Pest Control

Why Cockroach Control Is Important for Your Health

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No one wants to see pests of any kind in their home, but cockroaches are one of the most hated pests around. Finding one unexpectedly can be unsettling and frightening, to say the least, and it makes sense why we all react the way we do when you consider that cockroaches are filthy creatures that hang out in garbage and feces. In fact, cockroaches are so unsanitary that they present several health risks to you and your family when you are dealing with an infestation, so it’s important to eliminate the insects and keep them out of your living space.

Why Cockroach Control Is Important for Your Health

Here are a few specific reasons why cockroach control is important for your health:

  • Cockroaches exacerbate asthma. Cockroach antigens can cause respiratory symptoms, so they are particularly problematic for individuals with asthma. A 2015 study even suggests that early exposure to cockroaches can cause young children to develop asthma.
  • Many people have allergic reactions to cockroaches. Cockroaches’ saliva, feces, exoskeletons, and eggs produce allergens that can result in allergic reactions for some people. They may experience symptoms like a stuffy nose, skin irritation, sneezing, and coughing.
  • Cockroaches spread diseases. Cockroach control is also incredibly important because the diseases these insects spread can be quite serious. Some of the diseases they carry include cholera, dysentery, gastroenteritis, salmonellosis, and typhoid fever.

If you need cockroach control, leave it to our team at True Blue Termite and Pest Control to get the job done. We would be happy to answer any questions you have as well.