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5 Habits to Develop Following Bed Bug Removal | True Blue Termite and Pest Control

5 Habits to Develop Following Bed Bug Removal

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At True Blue Termite and Pest Control, you get what you are paying for when we provide bed bug removal. We understand the life cycle of bed bugs and how difficult it can be to get rid of them, but you can rest assured that we are all about being thorough and getting you results, so you can go back to sleeping well at night. However, as effective as our bed bug removal service is, it is always best to practice good habits to prevent the blood-sucking insects from infesting your home in the future.

5 Habits to Develop Following Bed Bug Removal

Here are five habits you can practice to prevent bed bugs:

1. Wash all sheets and bedding regularly. As their name suggests, bed bugs often hide in the sheets and blankets on your bed, but hot water is effective at killing them. Make sure to wash your bedding frequently. Every 2 weeks should be sufficient, but once a week is even better.
2. Check your bags after a trip. Bed bugs are often introduced into homes because they stow away on your luggage after you return from vacation or some other long trip. You can use a flashlight to search the pockets and seams thoroughly, and it doesn’t hurt to vacuum your luggage either.
3. Be cautious of secondhand items. Buying secondhand items like furniture and books is great for saving money, but you may also risk bring home bed bugs, so be sure to check any of these items for bed bugs before you bring them inside your house.
4. Reduce clutter in your home. Clutter equals more spaces for bed bugs to hide, so do your best to keep things organized and off the floor.
5. Vacuum your home frequently. Vacuuming helps with bed bug removal and prevention, but make sure that you always empty the contents outside once you have finished.

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